Appearing in "The Fall and the Fallen, Part 1" Featured Characters: Batman Supporting Characters: Maxie Zeus Antagonists: Bane (Voice only) Amygdala Black Spider Calendar Man Copperhead Doctor Phosphorus Flamingo Firefly Hush Killer Croc The Mad Hatter Man-Bat Master Bruce (In a vision) Mister Freeze Mister Zsasz Professor Pyg (In a vision) Riddler Solomon Grundy Scarecrow Two-Face Ventriloquist Other Characters: John Constantine (In a vision) The Question (In a vision) Selina Kyle (In a vision) Martha Wayne (Mentioned only) Locations: Gotham City Arkham Asylum Wayne Manor (In dream sequence only) Items: Scarecrow's Fear Toxin Scarface (Mentioned only) Batsuit Utility Belt

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