Appearing in 1st story Featured Characters: Agent Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson)Previous Appearance of Next Appearance of Supporting Characters: Iron Man (Tony Stark) Hank (First appearance) Antagonists: Carnage's Hive Previous Appearance of Carnage Symbiote Carnage Symbiote Next Appearance of Carnage Symbiote (Controlled by Cletus Kasady) (Revealed to be alive) Carnage (Cletus Kasady) (Behind the scenes) (Deceased) Numerous unnamed symbiotes (Voice) Friends of Humanity Senator Peter Krane (First appearance) (Seemingly bonds to the Carnage symbiote) Unnamed enforcer (Bonds to the Carnage symbiote) Alchemax (Mentioned) Unnamed arms-dealer (Bonds to the Carnage symbiote) (Only appearance; dies)[1] Guardsmen (Mentioned) Other Characters: Unnamed Somali pirate (Only appearance)[1] (Bonds to the Carnage Symbiote) Unnamed Somali militiamen (Only appearance; dies)[1] Unnamed Somali warlord (Only appearance; dies)[1] President Joe Biden (Mentioned) (Topical reference) Charles Xavier (Mentioned) Arthur Krane (First appearance) Thor Odinson (Mentioned) Hyperion (Marcus Milton) (Mentioned) Unnamed driver (Only appearance; dies)[1] Doctor Miller (Mentioned) God (Yahweh) (Invoked) Tessa (Mentioned) Loughlin (Mentioned) The Maker (Reed Richards) (Mentioned) Iron Man's Symbiote / Extrembiote (First appearance as Iron Man's Symbiote / Extrembiote) Symbiote Hive (Mentioned) Knull (Mentioned) Races and Species: Homo sapiens (Main story and recap) Symbiotes (Main story and recap) Fish Butterflyfish Sharks Mahi-mahi Dogs Turkeys (Mentioned) Chickens (Mentioned) Mutants (Mentioned) Locations: Earth Atlantic Ocean (Only in flashback) Caribbean Sea (Only in flashback) Isla de Huesos (Only in flashback) Indian Ocean Somalia United States of America New York New York City Manhattan Queens John F. Kennedy International Airport Washington, D.C. Hell (Invoked) Symbiote Hive-Mind Items: Iron Man Armor Model 70 Extremis (Mentioned) Symbiote Codices Events: King in Black (Mentioned)

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