Ben and Alicia are off on their dream honeymoon in a remote tropical paradise...until someone decides to crash it. Or should we say SMASH IT?! Get ready for the biggest HULK VS. THING FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! PLUS: The saga of the Future Foundation by Jeremy Whitley and Wil Robson! Appearing in "Honeymoon Crasher" Featured Characters: The Thing (Ben Grimm) Supporting Characters: Fantastic Four Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) Invisible Woman (Sue Storm Richards) Human Torch (Johnny Storm) Alicia Grimm Valeria Richards Franklin Richards Antagonists: Ray (First appearance) Previous Appearance of Hulk (Bruce Banner) Hulk (Bruce Banner) Next Appearance of Hulk (Bruce Banner) (Controlled by Puppet Master) Puppet Master (Phillip Masters) Other Characters: Rocky (Mentioned) Adrian (Mentioned) Luke Cage (Mentioned) Lyja (Mentioned) eBay (Mentioned) Holy Hannah (Invoked) God (Yahweh) (Invoked) Races and Species: Humans Mutants Cats (Mentioned) Skrulls (Mentioned) Locations: Earth United States of America New York New York City Manhattan Lower East Side Yancy Street 4 Yancy Street The Bronx Raft Koma Koi Hell (Invoked) Heaven (Invoked) Items: Fantastic Four Uniforms Stellarex Stone (Behind the scenes) Unstable Molecules (Mentioned) Vibranium Radioactive Clay Vehicles: Fantasti-Car MK II

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