Future State: Teen Titans #2 is an issue of the series Future State: Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2021. It was published on February 9, 2021. Appearing in "Reckoning!" Featured Characters: Teen Titans (Flashback and main story) Bratgirl (Flashback and main story) Bunker (Flashback and main story) Chupacabra (Flashback and main story) Crush (Flashback and main story) Cybeast Beast Boy Cyborg Gorilla Gregg (Flashback and main story) Jakeem Thunder (Flashback and main story) Johnny Thunderbolt (Flashback and main story) Nightwing (Flashback and main story) Raven (Flashback and main story) Soul-Self Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) (Flashback and main story) (Dies) (Also appears as a spirit) Shazam (Flashback and main story) Starfire (Flashback and main story) Totally Tubular (Tooby) (Flashback and main story) Supporting Characters: Red X (Dies) Antagonists: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (First appearance) Death (Single appearance) Famine (Flashback and main story) The Flash (Wally West) (Flashback and main story) (Possessed) Pestilence (Single appearance) Roundhouse (Possessed) War (Single appearance) Megabat (Flashback and main story) (Possessed) (Unnamed) Other Characters: Aquagirl (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Brick Pettirosso (Flashback only) (Unnamed) Dane (Flashback only) (Unnamed) Donna Troy (As a spirit) Dove (Dawn Granger) (As a spirit) (First appearance chronologically) Dove (Don Hall) (As a spirit) (Single appearance) The Flash (Wally West) (As a spirit) Hawk (Holly Granger) (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Hot Spot (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Kid Eternity (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Matt Price (Flashback only) Megabat (As a spirit) Miguel Montez (Appears in flashback and as a spirit) Osiris (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Pantha (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Protector (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Red Arrow (Roy Harper) (Statue only) Red Devil (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Roundhouse (As a spirit) Solstice (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Stitch (Flashback only) (Unnamed) Summer Zahid (Flashback only) (First appearance) Vulcan (As a spirit) (Single appearance) Czarnians (Mentioned only) Deathstroke (Mentioned only) Justice League (Mentioned only) Kid Flash (Mentioned only) Zeus (Mentioned only) Locations: Earth Detroit New York City (Flashback and main story) Queens Titans Island (Flashback only) (Ruins) Titans Tower (Flashback only) (Ruins) Rock of Eternity Heroverse (Mentioned only) Items: H-Dial (Flashback and main story) Spear of Destiny (Mentioned only) (Destroyed)

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