Justice League America Vol 1 #31 October, 1989 Executive Editor Dick Giordano Cover Artists Adam Hughes "Crossed Wires!" Writers Keith GiffenJ.M. DeMatteis Pencilers Adam Hughes Inkers Joe Rubinstein Colourists Gene D'Angelo Letterers Albert DeGuzman Editors Andrew HelferKevin Dooley Previous Issue Next Issue Justice League America # 30 Justice League America # 32 Synopsis for "Crossed Wires!" At an unnamed location in Eastern Europe, the Spectre broods over the utter destruction of a small village, where he encounters the Gray Man. Meanwhile, at the Secret Sanctuary, Mister Miracle and Blue Beetle have enhanced the JLI's Shuttle, and in New York, Fire and Ice have donned new costumes. Doctor Fate (Linda Strauss) arrives at the Justice League Embassy by phasing through the building. Her sudden appearance startles Fire, causing her to unleash the full fury of her recently enhanced flame powers. Batman has arrived and is complaining about the League's lax security when they both hear the commotion. Dr. Fate has come to offer herself to the JLI, an invitation which Max Lord heartily accepts. Batman finds Guy Gardner playing video games while on monitor duty. Once Guy's juvenile antics end, an emergency call comes in from Sue Dibny. The JLI boards the Shuttle, which Scott and Ted brag endlessly about, while Fire tries to show off her new costume to Booster Gold. Sue worries about Ralph and the Justice League Europe, who are incommunicado. The news reports on television tell of scenes of carnage and military combat between the cities of Schaapsburg and Kriegstadt. The JLI proceed to land the Shuttle in the midst of the devastation. Tracker Honest Game Trailers | Omori X dslogo Appearing in "Crossed Wires!" Featured Characters: Justice League America Batman Blue Beetle Booster Gold Doctor Fate (Linda Strauss) (Joins team) Fire Guy Gardner Huntress Ice Martian Manhunter Mister Miracle Justice League Europe (Cover only) Captain Atom (Cover only) Elongated Man (Cover only) Flash (Cover only) Supporting Characters: Max Lord Oberon Catherine Cobert Sue Dibny Spectre Antagonists: Gray Man II (First appearance) (Behind the scenes) Other Characters: Locations: Rhode Island Happy Harbor Secret Sanctuary New York Justice League Embassy France Paris Justice League Embassy Items: Vehicles: Justice League Cruiser Notes

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