Appearing in "Corporate Manuevers (and Leveraged Buyouts)" Featured Characters: Justice League International Blue Beetle Fire The Flash Guy Gardner Ice Martian Manhunter Power Girl Supporting Characters: The Conglomerate (First appearance) (Origin) Booster Gold Echo (First appearance) Gypsy Maxi-Man Praxis Reverb (Armando Ramone) (First appearance as Reverb) Vapor (First appearance) Claire Montgomery L-Ron Maxwell Lord Oberon Antagonists: Hector Hammond Ernie (Only appearance; dies) Phil (Only appearance; dies) El Fajita (Single appearance) El Carbonero (Single appearance) Other Characters: Adolf Hitler (Mentioned only) Barbara Walters (Mentioned only) Batman (Mentioned only) Bud Abbott (Mentioned only) Buford (Single appearance) Captain Atom (Mentioned only) Carl Trunctous (Only appearance; dies) David Letterman (Mentioned only) Doctor Fate (Mentioned only) Doom Patrol (Mentioned only) The Flash (Barry Allen) (Mentioned only) Frank Capra (Mentioned only) General Glory (Mentioned only) George Bush (Mentioned only) Geraldo Rivera (Mentioned only) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (Mentioned only) Helen Kunkle (Single appearance) Herb (Maxi-Man's brother) (Mentioned only) Inferior Five (Mentioned only) Joe Franklin (Mentioned only) Lex Luthor (Mentioned only) Lou Costello (Mentioned only) Manga Khan (Mentioned only) Mister Miracle (Mentioned only) Mister Whiteman (Single appearance) Ms. Epstein (Single appearance) Ms. Karpediem (Single appearance) Phil Donahue (Mentioned only) Pinocchio (Mentioned only) Quentin Fairacre (Single appearance) Richard Nixon (Mentioned only) Ronald Reagan (Mentioned only) Sting (Mentioned only) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mentioned only) Teen Titans (Mentioned only) United Nations Chilean delegate Mexican delegate U.S. delegate Vibe (Mentioned only) Yasser Arafat (Mentioned only) Locations: Chile (Mentioned only) El Presidore (Mentioned only) Kooey Kooey Kooey (Mentioned only) Mexico San Sebor Imperial Palace United States of America Indiana Louisiana Houma Belle Reve Michigan (Mentioned only) Detroit (Mentioned only) New Hampshire (Mentioned only) Bailey (Mentioned only) New York Long Island (Mentioned only) Great Neck New York City Justice League Embassy United Nations Building Texas (Mentioned only) Washington, D.C. Items: Green Lantern Ring People Magazine (Mentioned only) Vehicles: JLI shuttle Ovel oil tanker

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