Appearing in "Vertigo" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Next Appearance of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Supporting Characters: Previous Appearance of Mary Jane Watson-Parker Mary Jane Watson-Parker Next Appearance of Mary Jane Watson-Parker Previous Appearance of Paul Stacy Paul Stacy Next Appearance of Paul Stacy Previous Appearance of Robin Vega Robin Vega Antagonists: Friends of Humanity Previous Appearance of Shocker (Herman Schultz) Shocker (Herman Schultz) Next Appearance of Shocker (Herman Schultz) Other Characters: Previous Appearance of Anna Watson Anna Watson Next Appearance of Anna Watson Doctor Reandeau Next Appearance of Doctor Reandeau (First appearance) Gwen Stacy (Vision) George Stacy (Vision) Angela (Only appearance)[1] Races and Species: Humans Mutants Locations: New York City Aunt May's House Empire State University Items: Spider-Man's Web-Shooters Vehicles: Synopsis for "Vertigo" At the Empire State University Administrative Building, Mary Jane is in a psychology session with Doctor Reandeau. Mary Jane is telling the doctor about the financial struggles that she and her husband, Peter, are having now that they are going back to school.[Continuity 1] When asking if Peter will be joining them for this session, Mary Jane is forced to admit that Peter is not very punctual, but she insists that this is because he takes responsibility for everything. As she is telling this to their psychologist, Mary Jane is unaware that Peter -- as Spider-Man -- is clinging to the side of a wall for dear life as a wave of vertigo sweeps him.[Continuity 2] With Paul Stacy's life at risk, the wall-crawler struggles to maintain his focus as he crawls up to an open window. Paul has been targeted by his classmate, Robin Vega who was recently harassed by Paul and the Friends of Humanity for being a mutant. Even though the web-slinger does not like Paul, he can't sit back and let him be murdered. As Spider-Man makes his way to safety, the man who has been observing him has crossed the street to the building and blasts his way into the open office so he can wait for the web-slinger to arrive as they have unfinished business to attend to. Spider-Man Vol 1 #83 Published September, 1997 Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras Cover Artist John Romita Jr. "Vertigo" Writer Howard Mackie Penciler John Romita Jr. Inker Scott Hanna Colorist Gregory Wright Letterer Kiff Scholl Editor Ralph Macchio Previous Issue Next Issue Spider-Man #82 Spider-Man #84

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