April 1992 • Volume 1 • USA • DIRECT EDITION • 860 Collected WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH #3 Basic Information Published April 1992 Comic Age Modern Cover Price 1.75 Creators Writer Jim Starlin Interior Artist Rick Leonardi Cover Artist Terry Austin , Rick Leonardi Inker Terry Austin Letterer Jack Morelli Colorist Ian Laughlin Editor Craig Anderson Stories Stories may contain spoilers The fearsome fate of the high evolutionary! The fearsome fate of the high evolutionary! Warlock has traveled to a nameless planet in search of the assistance of an olf friend, the High Evolutionary. He is attacked by his New Men lead by Nobilus, who he easily defeats. He finds the High Evolutionary is in a childlike state, caused by witnessing the birth of a Celestial. Nobilus tells him they are trying to help him but a band of powerful beings are trying to kill him and the New Men. Warlock offers his assistance. Back on Earth, Pip is causing trouble. Having stolen the Fantasticar and crashed it, he now has stolen the Avenger's Quinjet. He is ambushed by those who also seek the High Evolutionary and captured. In the orbit of Saturn, Drax is met by these men as well, who offer him ALF tapes. He trusts them and is captured as well. Back with Warlock and Nobilus, they find themselves under attack by those who seek the Evolutionary. Warlock needs to know their weaknesses and Nobilus regretfully sends the New Men out to challenge them. They are all slaughtered. Nobilus turns around to find the Warlock is gone.

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