Action Comics #1024 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 25, 2020. Contents Synopsis for "The House of Kent, Part Three" Appearing in "The House of Kent, Part Three" Trivia See Also Links and References Synopsis for "The House of Kent, Part Three" Whisper, Leone's informant, tells Leone that Superman, Superboy, Conner Kent and Brainiac 5 are looking for any clues that might lead to her. Whisper has information on Superman's allies but warns Leone that such files are outdated. For now, Superman and his allies are heading towards the Daily Planet and recommends Leone to do something while she still has time. At the Metropolis Fire Department, Melody Moore has ended her shift and is getting ready to go home. She talks to herself about her intentions to run for mayor and wonders if it is a good idea for Superman to politically endorse her. Suddenly, the Red Cloud ambushes Melody from behind. Lois arrives at the Daily Planet and finds the place being raided by a team of FBI agents led by Cameron Chase. Chase reminds Lois that the governments of the world wouldn't tolerate any more mistakes from Superman and his associates and the Daily Planet being owned by a secret criminal enterprise qualifies as one of those mistakes. Suddenly, Superman and his allies arrive at the Daily Planet. While Jon and Conner take Brainiac 5 to the rooftop so he can see the Daily Planet globe, Superman informs the Daily Planet team and the FBI about his takedown of the Black Label club. The conversation cannot go any further, however, as Superman realizes Melody Moore's life functions have ceased. Monster line-up of PC Games Superman flies away from the Daily Planet and tries to reach Melody, only to find her corpse. As Superman's allies and the police arrive at the scene, Superman takes off into the sky and mourns Melody's death, until suddenly, Supergirl finds him. Realizing that Superman is mourning for the death of a friend, she hugs him and gets introduced to Jon, Conner and Brainiac 5. Superman tells the group to use their X-ray visions on all of Metropolis and look for any possible blank spots and lead-lined objects. Meanwhile, at the Invisible Mafia's secret hideout, Leone has ordered Dr. Glory's release from jail and now, Dr. Glory wants money and a way to disappear. Leone is unconcerned with Glory's needs and tells her the entire Kent family is chasing after them and it seems the Invisible Mafia has nowhere to run. Whisper calls Leone and tells her that his location has been compromised. The Superman family has found him. Leone realizes what happened and destroys her earpiece. Both Leone and Red Cloud understand that the time to strike back is now. Appearing in "The House of Kent, Part Three" Featured Characters: Superman Supporting Characters: Brainiac 5 Lois Lane Metropolis Fire Department Deputy Chief Moore (Dies) Larry Superman Family Superboy (Conner Kent) Superboy (Jon Kent) Supergirl Antagonists: Invisible Mafia Dr. Glory Marisol Leone Red Cloud Whisper Other Characters: Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Chase Jimmy Olsen Metropolis Police Department Miko Ogawa Perry White Ron Troupe Steve Lombard Trish Q Blue Devil (Mentioned only) Brainiac (Mentioned only) Justice League (Mentioned only) Legion of Super-Heroes (Mentioned only) Leviathan (Mentioned only) Lex Luthor (Mentioned only) S.T.A.R. Labs (Mentioned only) United Planets (Mentioned only) Young Justice (Mentioned only) Locations: 21st Century Metropolis Daily Planet Black Label Club (Mentioned only) Gallery Action Comics Vol 1 #1024 October, 2020 Rated T for Teen (12+) Executive Editor Bob Harras Cover Artists John Romita, Jr.Klaus JansonBrad Anderson Variant Cover Artists The House of Kent, Part Three Writers Brian Michael Bendis Pencilers John Romita, Jr. Inkers Klaus Janson Colourists Brad Anderson Letterers Dave Sharpe Editors Jamie S. RichBrittany HolzherrBixie Mathieu Previous Issue Next Issue Action Comics # 1023 Action Comics # 1025

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