Appearing in "Power Prey!" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Spider-Man Spider-Man Next Appearance of Spider-Man (Possessed by Previous Appearance of Captain Universe Captain Universe Next Appearance of Captain Universe) Supporting Characters: Previous Appearance of Mary Jane Watson Mary Jane Watson Next Appearance of Mary Jane Watson Previous Appearance of Flash Thompson Flash Thompson Next Appearance of Flash Thompson Previous Appearance of Felicia Hardy Felicia Hardy Next Appearance of Felicia Hardy Antagonists: Tri-Sentinel Next Appearance of Tri-Sentinel (First appearance) Sentinel Mk IV (Inert Remains) Sentinel Mk V (Inert Remains) Sentinel Mk VI (Inert Remains) Previous Appearance of Sebastian Shaw Sebastian Shaw Next Appearance of Sebastian Shaw Previous Appearance of Loki Loki Next Appearance of Loki Previous Appearance of Graviton Graviton Next Appearance of Graviton Other Characters: Doctor Brunsen Previous Appearance of Dr. Maxwell Lubisch Dr. Maxwell Lubisch Locations: New York City Manhattan Shaw Industries Warehouse Soho Peter and MJ's Soho Loft Empire State University Amity Point Nuclear Power Plant Items: Spider-Man's Web-Shooters Synopsis for "Power Prey!" At the headquarters of Shaw Industries, Sebastian Shaw has recovered three different models of the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots. He intends to use the robots in an attempt to destroy Spider-Man, who had recently gained cosmic powers.[Continuity 1] His scientists have been researching the origins of Spider-Man's new powers and determined that they came about shortly after Doctor Max Lubisch was experimenting with unknown energy fields at Empire State University. Interested in learning this, Shaw decides to pay Doctor Lubisch a visit.

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