Appearing in "City of Wolves" Featured Characters: Captain America Doctor Druid Supporting Characters: Wolverine Antagonists: Moonhunter Werewolves Nightshade Dredmund Druid (Shadow only) Other Characters: Ferocia Werewolf by Night Edwin Jarvis Demolition-Man Dr. Kinkaid John Jameson (Mentioned) Locations: Avengers Mansion Starkesboro, Massachusetts Items: Captain America's Shield Captain America's Uniform Godstone Vehicles: Sky-Cycle Synopsis for "City of Wolves" Captain America battles Moonhunter, but fails to rescue Ferocia. Hiding, Wolverine watches Moonhunter bring Fercoia to Dr. Nightshade, who's creating a wolf serum from the Werewolf, Jack Russel. Meanwhile, Dr. Kincaid gives Dennis another check-up and tells Jarvis Dennis is suffering from selective amnesia. Cap returns to Dr. Druid and they continue the search for John. Nightshade reports to Dredmund, who reveals he has the reconstituted moonstone. He deduces the moonstone may be drawing werewolves to Starkesboro. Wolverine battles werewolf townsfolk until Moonhunter takes him down with three shotgun blasts. Cap and Dr. Druid arrive in Starkesboro only to be surrounded by werewolves.

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