Appearing in "Carnage Shark" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Carnage Symbiote Carnage Symbiote Next Appearance of Carnage Symbiote (Controlled by Cletus Kasady; bonds to unnamed shark and unnamed fisherman) (Apparent death) Antagonists: Symbiote Hive Venom (Eddie Brock) (Behind the scenes) Numerous unnamed symbiotes (Controlled by Venom) Other Characters: Venom Symbiote (Voice) Dark Carnage (Cletus Kasady) (Referenced) (Deceased) Knull (Referenced) (Deceased) Fishermen Races and Species: Klyntar Sharks Humans Locations: Earth Caribbean Sea Events: King in Black Absolute Carnage (Referenced) Venom Island (Referenced) Synopsis for "Carnage Shark" Narrating, the Venom symbiote states that the universe is comprised of black - the Void from which its kind was created, white - the Light that opposes the darkness, and red - the teeming multitude of life. In the depths of the ocean, the Dark Carnage symbiote - bonded to a great white shark - leads a pack of smaller sharks as it prowls the ocean depths. The Venom symbiote recaps the events of Absolute Carnage and Venom Island, saying that it and Eddie had thought the Dark Carnage symbiote destroyed but that it had survived - and with it, Cletus Kasady's consciousness endured. A whaling ship harpoons a shark; the symbiote flowing up the harpoon cable and grabbing one of the whalers before dragging him into the ocean. Taking over the whaler, Carnage climbs aboard and prepares to slaughter the crew, intent on taking his place as the Red Right Hand of the King in Black. At that exact moment, Knull is killed by Eddie Brock, causing the symbiote dome encasing the Earth to shatter into countless symbiotes. Save

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