Appearing in "GO, Part Two" Featured Characters: Batwoman (Flashback and main story) Supporting Characters: Colonel Kane (Flashback only) Antagonists: Religion of Crime True Believers Abbot Other Characters: Batman (Flashback only) Kane Family Beth Kane (In a photograph only) Catherine Hamilton (Flashback only) Gabi Kane (In a photograph only) Cadet Captain Sophie "Gimme" Moore (Flashback only) (First appearance) Colonel Reyes (Flashback only) Dan Choi (Flashback only) Doctor Mallory Kimball Renee Montoya (Flashback only) Robert Locations: New York West Point Hudson River Gotham City Molly's Bar (First appearance) Detective Comics Vol 1 #859 January, 2010 Executive Editor Dan DiDio Cover Artists J.H. Williams III Variant Cover Artists GO, Part Two Writers Greg Rucka Pencilers J.H. Williams III Inkers J.H. Williams III Colourists Dave Stewart Letterers Todd Klein Editors Michael SiglainHarvey Richards Pipeline Chapter Two: Part One Previous Issue Next Issue Detective Comics # 858 Detective Comics # 860

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