Appearing in 1st story Featured Characters: Gwen Stacy Supporting Characters: Harry Osborn NYPD Sully (First appearance) Lieutenant Yuri Watanabe Lieutenant Jean DeWolff Captain George Stacy Numerous unnamed others Darius LeClerc (First appearance) (Unnamed) Antagonists: Enforcers Ox (Raymond Bloch) Fancy Dan (Daniel Brito) Montana (Jackson Brice) Crime-Master (Nick Lewis, Sr.) Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) Other Characters: Chuck (First appearance) Brent (First appearance) Cameron (First appearance) Thor (Odinson) (Mentioned) Fantastic Four (On-screen) Invisible Woman (Sue Storm Richards) (On-screen) Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) (On-screen) Helen Stacy (Photo) Lucky Lobo (Francisco Lobo) (Mentioned) Daily Bugle (Mentioned) Frederick Foswell (Mentioned) Lucky Lobo Gang (Photo) Nick the Greek (Nick Pappas) (Only appearance; dies)[1] Angelo Calabrese (First appearance; photo) James Wong (First appearance; photo) Flash Thompson (Mentioned) Darius' mother (Mentioned) Peter Parker (Cameo) Ben Parker (On-screen) May Parker (Mentioned) Nelson and Murdock (Mentioned) God (Yahweh) (Invoked) Races and Species: Humans Lions (Statue) Locations: Earth United States of America New York New York City Manhattan Standard High (First appearance) Midtown Bryant Park New York Public Library Empire State University, East Village (Mentioned) Queens (Named only) (On-screen) Forest Hills (Mentioned) Midtown High School (Mentioned) State University, Hegeman (Mentioned) Hell (Invoked) Items: Mjolnir (Mentioned) Fantastic Four Uniforms (On-screen) Goblin Armor Vehicles: Goblin Glider

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