Appearing in "Book VI: Love, Hate... and Sacrifice!" Featured Characters: Ice Man Professor X Cyclops Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic Invisible Girl Human Torch Thing Puppet Master Alicia Masters Marcia Deaton Jacob Deaton Thor Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man Odin Surtur Ymir Bor Bestia Vili Ve Malekith Hela Gaea Frigga Loki Ant Man Protector Iron Man Howard Stark Maria Stark Wong-Chu Ho Yinsen Synopsis for "Book VI: Love, Hate... and Sacrifice!" Book six in a series telling the (near) chronological history of the Marvel Universe. In this issue the following events are recounted: Bobby Drake almost being killed by a lynch mob before being rescued by Professor X and Cyclops and inducted into the X-Men. The Fantastic Four's first battle against the Puppet Master, and their first meeting with long time associate Alicia Masters (Also delving into their origins.) Thor's battle against Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man. The origins of Asgard and Odin. Ant Man's battle against the Protector. The early life and career of Tony Stark, and the events that would lead to his capture by Wong-Chu in Viet Nam, and how he and Professor Ho Yinsen would create the first Iron Man armor at the expense of Yinsen's life. Notes Wraparound cover. Material Excerpted From: Uncanny X-Men #44 Uncanny X-Men #45 Uncanny X-Men #46 Fantastic Four #8 Marvel Team-Up #6 Journey Into Mystery #86 Journey Into Mystery #97 Might Thor #349 Mighty Thor Annual #5 Mighty Thor Annual #11 Tales to Astonish #37 Tales of Suspense #39 See Also 1 Image(s) from Marvel Saga the Official History of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 6 1 Reprints of Marvel Saga the Official History of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 6 Marvel Saga the Official History of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 #6 Published May, 1986 Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter Cover Artist Brent Anderson Joe Sinnott "Book VI: Love, Hate... and Sacrifice!" Writer Peter Sanderson Penciler Paul Ryan Walter Simonson Colorist Ken Feduniewicz Letterer Ron Zalme Barry Shapiro Phil Felix Ken Lopez Harry Candelario Rob Carosella Paul Becton Dawn Geiger Editor Danny Fingeroth Mark Gruenwald Ralph Macchio Previous Issue Next Issue Marvel Saga the Official History of the Marvel Universe #5 Marvel Saga the Official History of the Marvel Universe #7

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