Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 #103 Published March, 1981 Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter Cover Artist Jerry Bingham "The Assassin Academy" Writer David Michelinie Penciler Jerry Bingham Inker Mike Esposito Colorist Bob Sharen Letterer Diana Albers Editor Denny O'Neil Previous Issue Next Issue Marvel Team-Up #102 Marvel Team-Up #104 Appearing in "The Assassin Academy" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Spider-Man Spider-Man Next Appearance of Spider-Man Previous Appearance of Ant-Man Ant-Man Next Appearance of Ant-Man Supporting Characters: Previous Appearance of Cassie Lang Cassie Lang Next Appearance of Cassie Lang Previous Appearance of J. Jonah Jameson J. Jonah Jameson Next Appearance of J. Jonah Jameson Antagonists: Previous Appearance of Taskmaster Taskmaster Next Appearance of Taskmaster Other Characters: "Slick" Mick Butler (Only appearance)[1] Ollie (Only appearance)[1] Mahony (Only appearance)[1] Gus Sweezer (Only appearance; dies)[1] Tony Stark (Referenced) Avengers (Referenced) Captain America (Mentioned) Daredevil (Mentioned) Hawkeye (Mentioned) Hank Pym (Referenced) Locations: New York City Manhattan Daily Bugle Building World Trade Center Long Island Items: Spider-Man's Web-Shooters Ant-Man's Helmet Vehicles: Customized Quinjet Synopsis for "The Assassin Academy" Scott Lang, dressed in his Ant-Man costume, is fixing connections inside his daughter's Rom doll when he hears her shout that she is home. Fortunately, he has just finished welding the final connection with his portable laser torch, so he quickly climbs out of the doll's innards and enlarges to human size. Cassie will kill him, he muses, if he does not have her toy fixed as promised. When she finds him, he is wearing only a towel, as if he had just taken a shower. She explains that her teacher, Ms. Buckman, let the class out early so they could practice a new recipe learned in home economics, and she will make it—pretzels and cheese—for dinner. Not too thrilled with this prospect, Lang tells Cassie to play with her Rom doll for a while, and when she departs, he quickly stows away his Ant-Man gear. Later that evening, as Cassie serves the promised meal, the doorbell chimes, and Lang invites Gus Sweezer, an old prison cellmate, inside. Sweezer remembers Lang as the only inmate who did not treat him like a "dumb pug," so in return, he wants to let him in on a new criminal operation he is involved in. Sweezer explains that someone is actually paying people to commit crimes, with regular paychecks regardless of their success or failure. There is even on-the-job training, says Gus proudly. Lang explains that he already has a steady job in electronics and has left crime behind forever, and Sweezer appears quite disappointed. Cassie invites Gus to dinner—pretzels and cheese are his favorites, he says—but he declines because he has to return to the city.

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