Synopsis for "Pipeline Through Infinity" When Project Pegasus asked Quasar to investigate the former base controlled by the Nth Command, he asks the Thing to tag along with him. Travelling down the tunnel that leads to Nth Commands former base, the duo are ambushed by members of the Command who blast the two heroes with a Nth Projector, transporting them to a parallel world. Ben and Quasar find themselves on a world still in the early development, where primitive humans and dinosaurs live side by side. However, in this primitive land, there is the taint of evil: Roxxon Oil has been using the Nth Projector technology in order to harvest crude oil and other resources from alternate realities and has enslaved the primitives of this world to do their hard work. The duo are attacked by some of Roxxon Oil's guards, and Quasar is injured and left for dead in the jungle while the Thing is subdued and taken back to Roxxon's head base for questioning. Quasar is rescued by some of the locals who nurse him back to health, learning what Roxxon has done to this world and witnessing their most recent "recruitment drive" for slaves, Quasar agrees to help the tribal chief lead a rebellion to save this world and drive Roxxon out. Meanwhile, Ben is brought to Bennett Pittman, the head of the Roxxon oil project who offers Ben a position within the company. Ben, upon learning that Roxxon is exploiting this world for their own financial gain refuses and is set to be executed. Just then, Quasars rebellion attacks the oil plant, and during the confusion, the Thing breaks free and reunites with Quasar. When they try to stop the Roxxon members from escaping, they fail to prevent them from using their Nth Projector to escape back to their native reality leaving the two heroes stranded. Realizing that the oil pipeline is connected to a Nth Projector bringing oil to their Earth, Ben and Quasar help the primitives of this world finish smashing Roxxon's operation before using the pipeline to return to their own world. There they cause a huge flood of oil in the Roxxon complex and manage to round up the Roxxon employees and smash the operation. Appearing in "Pipeline Through Infinity" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Thing (Ben Grimm) Thing (Ben Grimm) Next Appearance of Thing (Ben Grimm) Previous Appearance of Quasar Quasar Next Appearance of Quasar Supporting Characters: Chief Tonah (First appearance) Antagonists: Roxxon Oil employees Nth Command Xavier "Bennett" Pittman (First appearance) Other Characters: Dinosaurs Locations: Earth-616 New York City Nth Command Headquarters Dinosaur World Valley of the Flame Items: Quantum Bands Nth Projector

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