Appearing in "A Christmas Peril!" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Thing Thing Next Appearance of Thing Previous Appearance of Puppet Master Puppet Master Next Appearance of Puppet Master Supporting Characters: Previous Appearance of Alicia Masters Alicia Masters Next Appearance of Alicia Masters Previous Appearance of Bova Bova Next Appearance of Bova Antagonists: Previous Appearance of Modred Modred Next Appearance of Modred Other Characters: Fantastic Four Previous Appearance of Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic Next Appearance of Mr. Fantastic Previous Appearance of Invisible Girl Invisible Girl Next Appearance of Invisible Girl Previous Appearance of Human Torch Human Torch Next Appearance of Human Torch Previous Appearance of Franklin Richards Franklin Richards Next Appearance of Franklin Richards Previous Appearance of Wendell Vaughn Wendell Vaughn Next Appearance of Wendell Vaughn Previous Appearance of Jeannine O`Connell Jeannine O`Connell Next Appearance of Jeannine O`Connell Previous Appearance of Willie Lumpkin Willie Lumpkin Next Appearance of Willie Lumpkin Previous Appearance of Aquaran Aquaran Next Appearance of Aquaran Previous Appearance of Bob Landers Bob Landers Previous Appearance of Carol Landers Carol Landers Previous Appearance of Lorrie Melton Lorrie Melton Next Appearance of Lorrie Melton Previous Appearance of Namorita Namorita Next Appearance of Namorita Previous Appearance of Walter Newell Walter Newell Next Appearance of Walter Newell Previous Appearance of Diane Newell Diane Newell Next Appearance of Diane Newell Previous Appearance of Annie Christopher Annie Christopher High Evolutionary (Recap) Races and Species: New Men (Main story and flashback) Locations: New York City Manhattan Lower East Side Transia Wundagore Mountain Bova's Cottage Citadel of Science (Recap) Dragorin Items: Quantum Bands Psychic Clay Vehicles: Pogo Plane Synopsis for "A Christmas Peril!" After finishing some last minute Christmas shopping with the Fantastic Four, Alicia manages to convince Ben to send a Christmas card to her step-father the Puppet Master in the hopes of making peace between the FF and their old foe. However, things are anything but when the vengeful Puppet Master is released from prison. Coincidentally this is also when he is delivered the Christmas card sent by Ben.

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