Appearing in "The Big Top Bandits" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Thing Thing Next Appearance of Thing Previous Appearance of Iceman Iceman Next Appearance of Iceman Supporting Characters: Previous Appearance of Giant-Man Giant-Man Next Appearance of Giant-Man Previous Appearance of Alicia Masters Alicia Masters Next Appearance of Alicia Masters Previous Appearance of Terri Sue Bottoms Terri Sue Bottoms Antagonists: Circus of Crime Previous Appearance of Ringmaster Ringmaster Next Appearance of Ringmaster Previous Appearance of Clown Clown Next Appearance of Clown Previous Appearance of The Great Gambonnos The Great Gambonnos Next Appearance of The Great Gambonnos Previous Appearance of Human Cannonball Human Cannonball Next Appearance of Human Cannonball Fire-Eater Next Appearance of Fire-Eater (First appearance) Tarrax the Tamer (Only appearance)[1] Previous Appearance of Princess Python Princess Python Next Appearance of Princess Python Precious (Princess Python's snake) Iron Jack Baker (Only appearance)[1] Bert unnamed members Other Characters: Spider-Man (Only in flashback) Hulk (Only in flashback) Daredevil (Only in flashback) X-Men (Only in flashback) Cyclops (Only in flashback) Marvel Girl (Only in flashback) Angel (Only in flashback) Beast (Only in flashback) Previous Appearance of Ringmaster Ringmaster (Main story and flashback) (Death) Locations: New York City Items: Vehicles: Synopsis for "The Big Top Bandits" The Thing, his girlfriend Alicia Masters and William Foster are out enjoying the circus, unaware that it's a front for the recently freed Circus of Crime. When the Clown spots the Thing he goes and warns the Ringmaster, who is putting in the final touches of a new giant-sized version of his hypno-disc that can put an entire city under his thrall. The Ringmaster is furious that super-heroes have once more wandered into his business to cause trouble, however, is confident that he can stop these apparent meddlers.

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