NEWS STAND Appearing in "The Power to Live..." Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Thing Thing Next Appearance of Thing Previous Appearance of Living Mummy Living Mummy Next Appearance of Living Mummy Supporting Characters: Previous Appearance of Alicia Masters Alicia Masters Next Appearance of Alicia Masters Antagonists: Previous Appearance of Nephrus Nephrus Next Appearance of Nephrus (Possesses Gemal Hassan) Other Characters: Previous Appearance of Willie Lumpkin Willie Lumpkin Next Appearance of Willie Lumpkin Locations: United States of America New York State New York City Manhattan SoHo Alicia Masters' Home Metropolitan Art Museum New York Harbor Egypt Items: Spirit Gem of Nephrus (First appearance) Crown of Hathor (First appearance) Vehicles: Synopsis for "The Power to Live..." Alicia Masters has just received an unexpected package in the mail, while she opens the box Ben reads the letter attached. When the sender states that the contents of the package will make her the first in a "new race" of Egyptian gods, Ben tells her to stop opening it but it is too late. Suddenly the room is filled with an energy that pushes him back and calls to Alicia. Enthralled by what is inside the box, Alicia puts on a strange helmet and tells Ben her intention to join this new pantheon of gods as a bride of Nephrus. When Ben tries to stop her, Alicia fires a powerful beam of energy from the strange helmet that sends him crashing into the wall. He warns him not to interfere with her again or it will cost him his life and departs. When Ben recovers he tries to examine the package and the letter for clues but finds that all evidence of the delivery has been incinerated. With no other clues to follow, Ben decides to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit on ancient Egypt to see what he can learn there.

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