The Omega Rangers are attacked by the young assassin known as Astronema, one of the most popular characters in franchise history from Power Rangers: In Space! Meanwhile, Lord Drakkon and Trini face off against one of the greatest Power Rangers villains ever – with a shocking conclusion![1] Appearing Featured Characters: Omega Rangers Red Ranger (Jason Lee Scott) Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan) Black Ranger (Zack Taylor) Supporting Characters: XI (Robot assistant) Yale of Saard Lord Drakkon (Tommy Oliver) of Coinless Dimension Antagonists: Astronema Ecliptor SPD cadets Gorim W'tol Vorx Fendrick Plot Other Characters: Zordon of Eltar Villamax Tommy Oliver (mentioned) Emperor Gruumm (mentioned) Sire Lentinvous (hologram) The First Ones and Morphin Masters (mentioned) Three Messengers and Emissaries Three (mentioned) Red Emissary Blue Emissary (mentioned) Shadows and Empyreals (mentioned) Astronema's Family (mentioned) Locations: Planet Onyx S.P.D. Onyx Perimeter Station The Spectrum II Safehaven (mentioned) Planet Edenoi (mentioned) Planet Gorvinos III (mentioned) Planet Aquitar (mentioned)

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