Spider-Man Vol 1 #50 Published September, 1994 Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco Cover Artist Tom Lyle "Son of the Hunter" Writer Howard Mackie Penciler Tom Lyle Inker Scott Hanna Colorist Kevin Tinsley Letterer Richard Starkings Comicraft Editor Danny Fingeroth "Rite of Passage" Writer Howard Mackie Penciler Ron Randall Inker Bob McLeod Colorist Kevin Tinsley Letterer Jim Novak Editor Danny Fingeroth Previous Issue Next Issue Spider-Man #49 Spider-Man #51 Appearing in "Son of the Hunter" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Peter Parker Peter Parker Next Appearance of Peter Parker Supporting Characters: Antagonists: Previous Appearance of Grim Hunter Grim Hunter Next Appearance of Grim Hunter Other Characters: Previous Appearance of Gregor Gregor Next Appearance of Gregor Previous Appearance of Peter Parker Clone Peter Parker Clone Next Appearance of Peter Parker Clone (Unidentified) Kraven the Hunter (Main story and recap) Uncle Ben (Photo) Aunt May (Photo) Pale Rider (gunman) (Only appearance)[1] Locations: Earth United States of America New York Kravinoff Estate New York City Manhattan Peter and MJ's Brownstone Residence Queens Forest Hills Aunt May's House Items: Spider-Man's Suit and Web-Shooters Synopsis for "Son of the Hunter" After undergoing the process to give himself the powers of his father, Vladimir Kravinoff has come to the United States. Here he is training to complete the one task his father failed to accomplish before he died, destroying Spider-Man.[Continuity 1] At the mansion where Spider-Man and Kraven had their last battle, Vladimir tests his abilities by fighting a number of armed men with nothing but a knife. After defeating these men, Vladimir vows to avenge his father, then leaps out of the window into the backyard. This is observed by Vladimir's servant, Gregori, who begins to question what he has done. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is at home eating food when his phone begins to ring. The wall-crawler lets it go to voicemail. It's a call from his wife Mary Jane, who is calling for him.[Continuity 2] She urges him to come and visit his Aunt May who is in the hospital after suffering a stroke because he needs to be there for her.[Continuity 3] However, Spider-Man ignores this call, as he has abandoned his civilian identity of Peter Parker so he can fully embrace the spider.[Continuity 4] Unwilling to listen to anymore, Spider-Man leaves his home and goes web-swinging in the pouring rain.

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