Appearing in "Revelations" Featured Characters: Swamp Thing Supporting Characters: Benjamin Cox (Final appearance) Frank North Sister Anne-Marie (Dies) John Constantine Phantom Stranger Antagonists: Dinosaurs Invunche Other Characters: Adam Strange Alan Moore Alexander Luthor Brujería (Flashback only) Ambush Bug Aquaman Batman Captain Compass Clyde Barrow Creeper Cyborg Demons (Cameo) Doctor Fate Eclipso Elongated Man Enemy Ace Hawkman Hourman (Rick Tyler) John "Liver-Eating" Johnson Kamandi Little Sure Shot Mist Negative Man Rag Doll Ragman Sargon Superman Wolves Locations: England London Louisiana Multiverse Monitor's Satellite South America (Flashback only) The Spirit World Concepts: The Green Items: Helmet of Fate (Cameo)

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