Synopsis for "Blink of an Eye, Chapter Two" Wally West continues his journey through time possessing the bodies of other speedsters by jumping into the body of his cousin Bart Allen in the 30th Century. Before he can get his bearings he is attacked by a Dominator, which has grown to a gigantic size after being infected with Speed Force energy. He is tackled off the walkway he is standing on by Gold Beetle, a time traveller who is an old friend of Bart, and apparently Wally too. She claims to know Wally in the future and laughs at the idea of him retiring when he gets home, as he has "five more Crises to get through". Meanwhile, back in the present Barry Allen finds that his connection to the Speed Force is starting to recover. He sends a device built by Inertia into the future which Wally can use to drain off the Dominator's Speed Force energy. With the device and Gold Beetle's help Wally successfully defeats the Dominator. However, Barry and Mr. Terrific have determined that Wally is now a disembodied consciousness within the Speed Force, essentially a ghost. The only way they can bring him home is either to find his body somehow or build a new vessel for him to inhabit. Wally is sucked back into the timstream and emerges in the body of Jay Garrick facing down Adolf Hitler, who is wielding the Spear of Destiny. Appearing in "Blink of an Eye, Chapter Two" Featured Characters: The Flash (Wally West) The Flash (Jay Garrick) (Cameo) (Possessed) Impulse (Bart Allen) Supporting Characters: Gold Beetle Justice League The Flash (Barry Allen) Green Arrow Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt) Antagonists: Dominators Nazi Party (Cameo) Adolf Hitler (Cameo) Other Characters: The Ray (Happy Terrill) (Cameo) Dinosaurs (Mentioned only) Don Allen (Mentioned only) Inertia (Mentioned only) Jai West (Mentioned only) Linda Park (Mentioned only) Linear Men (Mentioned only) Mopee (Mentioned only) Rogues (Mentioned only) Locations: Earth 20th Century 21st Century Central City Flash Museum Speed Lab 30th Century Central City Flash Museum 853rd Century (Mentioned only) Speed Force Quantum Realm (Mentioned only) Items: Spear of Destiny Vehicles: Arrowplane (Mentioned only) Concepts: Time Travel

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