Appearing in "Going for Broke" Featured Characters: Previous Appearance of Thing Thing Next Appearance of Thing Supporting Characters: Previous Appearance of Ms. Marvel Ms. Marvel Next Appearance of Ms. Marvel Previous Appearance of She-Hulk She-Hulk Next Appearance of She-Hulk Previous Appearance of Ed Garner Ed Garner Previous Appearance of Dennis Dunphy Dennis Dunphy Next Appearance of Dennis Dunphy Antagonists: Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation Previous Appearance of Mister Clean Mister Clean Previous Appearance of Poundcakes Poundcakes Next Appearance of Poundcakes Previous Appearance of Battleaxe Battleaxe Next Appearance of Battleaxe Previous Appearance of Magilla Magilla Previous Appearance of Mangler Mangler Next Appearance of Mangler Other Characters: Previous Appearance of Edwin Jarvis Edwin Jarvis Next Appearance of Edwin Jarvis Previous Appearance of Sergeant Michael Lynch Sergeant Michael Lynch Locations: New York City Manhattan Avengers Mansion Los Angeles L.A. Sports Complex County Hospital Items: Vehicles: Synopsis for "Going for Broke" The She-Hulk us taking time to exercise at Avengers Mansion when she hears a news report about the Thing being wanted in questioning for a series of acts of destruction. Deciding to go to California to see what is going on with the former member of the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk asks Jarvis if she can take a Quinjet, but is informed that the Avengers are no longer cleared to launch their trademark jets from the mansion anymore. With no other choice, She-Hulk then takes a commercial airliner to the west coast, hoping that it is not too late.

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