Synopsis for "Everything Old Is New Again" Thor starts his search for his fellow Asgardians in New Orleans. Upon arrival, he is horrified and confused at the city's state after Hurricane Katrina. When an old man known as Ezra notices him, he constantly starts scolding the thunder god on not saving them. Thor apologetically reminds Ezra of his death, though the mortal does not seem to consider this a valid excuse. Iron Man arrives, informs him of the new government registration system, and orders Thor to sign up and work for the government or face prosecution. Irked at Stark's arrogance, Thor violently rebukes Tony over the Civil War event and the creation of the Thor Clone with a bolt of lightning. After shrugging off a repulsor blast from Iron Man's Extremis armor, Thor informs Stark that he is "no longer holding back" and effortlessly bludgeons his former friend into the ground and orders Tony to leave Asgard alone lest he "learn the difference between a god of thunder and a mortal man in a metal suit". Battered and beaten, Tony suggests a compromise, giving Asgard in Oklahoma diplomatic immunity, and Thor walks off, leaving Tony to walk home in his destroyed armor. Thor finds Ezra on a bridge in the rain, and Ezra again criticizes the god of thunder. Ezra's niece shows up and begs Thor not to hurt him, saying that he does not mean it and has not been the same since losing his wife in the storm two years ago. Thor recognizes something in Ezra and comments that the burdens of Gods were never meant for mortals, and that even though he wishes to sleep, there is work to be done. Instructing the girl to stand back, Thor uses Mjolnir to summon Heimdall from Ezra's body. The Watchman of Bifrost is restored. Appearing in "Everything Old Is New Again" Featured Characters: Thor Supporting Characters: Heimdall Antagonist: Iron Man (Tony Stark) Other Characters: Locations: New Orleans Oklahoma City of Asgard SHIELD HQ Items: Mjolnir Extremis Armor

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