Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #281 Published October, 1991 Appearing in "Fresh Upstart" Featured Characters: X-Men (Gold Team) Storm (Ororo Munroe) Archangel (Warren Worthington III) Jean Grey (Apparent death) Iceman (Bobby Drake) Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) Supporting Characters: Donald Pierce Hellions (Disbands) Roulette (Jennifer Stavros) (Death off-panel) Beef (Buford Wilson) (Death) Empath (Manuel de la Rocha) White Queen (Emma Frost) (Apparent death) Catseye (Sharon Smith) (Death off-panel) Jetstream (Haroun ibn Sallah al-Rashid) (Death) Bevatron (Fabian Marechal-Julbin) (Death off-panel) Tarot (Marie-Ange Colbert) (Death) Gateway Senator Robert Kelly Antagonists: Unnamed assassin girl Upstarts (First appearance) Trevor Fitzroy (First appearance) Sentinels (Earth-1191) (First appearance) Unit 2007 Unit 2016 Unit 2024 Sentinels Mk VI Other Characters: Reavers (Disbands) Wade Cole (Death) Murray Reese (Death off-panel) Angelo Macon (Death off-panel) Pretty Boy (Death) Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko Oyama) Cylla Markham Bonebreaker (Death off-panel) Unnamed Hellfire Club guests and servants Phoenix (Mentioned) Professor X (Charles Xavier) (Mentioned) Unnamed guests and waiters of Shinobi Shaw Shinobi Shaw Hellfire Club (Mentioned) Super-Skrull (Kl'rt) (Mentioned) Fantastic Four (Mentioned) Sebastian Shaw (Mentioned) Several New Yorkers Races and Species: Mutants Humans Sentinels Cyborgs Locations: Earth Australia Northern Territory Maynards Plains Cooterman's Creek Sydney, New South Wales (Mentioned) Melbourne, Victoria (Mentioned) United States of America New York New York City Manhattan Upper East Side Lenox Hill 66th Street and Fifth Avenue The Hellfire Club Shinobi Shaw's Apartment Items: X-Uniforms Trevor Fitzroy's bio-armor (First appearance)

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